NEXT SUMMIT (Dubai 2019) – Registration


24th - 26th November 2019


Dubai World Trade Centre


Options at the Crossroads

Event Host:


China Economic Information Service of Xinhua News Agency

Department of Economic Development of Dubai, UAE

Event Supports:

China International Public Relations Association


The world is at a crossroads. The global situation is complex and fast-changing with a fluctuating world economy and volatile international society where international cooperation is uncertain. The exchanges and cooperation in the fields of international politics, economy, society and culture are in a complex situation where opportunities and challenges coexist. It is an important mission of the NEXT Summit to be a catalyst for a better world by facilitating cooperation among various actors, such as government institutions, think tanks, industrial associations, financial institutions, social organizations, media, and international organizations, that is, getting the right people in the same room all with a desire to get good things done.

The organizing committee of the NEXT Summit (Dubai 2019) introduced that the 8th UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as well as political figures, top international industry experts and business leaders from the United Arab Emirates, China, Indonesia, New Zealand, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa and other countries and regions will gather in Dubai to discuss, anticipate and promote pragmatic international cooperation.

The 2019 NEXT Summit has four main panel topics: a) Regional Development in West Asia and Africa, b) Connecting with Expo 2020 in Dubai, c) Looking into the Future: New Lifestyle, and d) Global Integration and Diversified Development, focusing on infrastructure, engineering equipment, energy and industrial investment; innovative talents and cooperation projects for the 2020 World Expo; blockchain, AI and financial support; and industrial cooperation and development of tourism and cultural exchanges. The summit also supports global partners to hold side events to jointly explore and promote pragmatic cooperation in industrial investment, economic and trade exchanges and other fields.

NEXT Summit (Dubai 2019) will continue to adopt the innovative interactive model by inviting “optimal practice” cases to hold roadshows. Politicians and top international industrial experts will be invited as case instructors to analyze needs and challenges of the project, propose strategies and recommendations for project promotion, and assist docking key resources for project development. NEXT Federation will hold its Annual Council Meeting to discuss topics like Integration and Deliver of Global Public Relations Services.

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